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Rumor: Craig Howell created CDs artwork(?)


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CD Album Cover by Craig Howell?

A DJ on KROQ said his "buddy" Craig Howl (?) created the artwork for the Chinese Democracy album. I just did a search on google and found: zip. Has anyone heard of this artist?


-Thanks to TVC15 (@HTGTH)

Craig Howl has done many coverarts in the past, including one for Velvet Revolvers Contraband. For GN'R he has worked earlier with the San Fransisco gigs promoposter:


Other work by Howl:http://www.cheebaproductions.com/

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Can't say I'm a fan of that artwork. I mean, the artist is obviously talented. But I'm not too sure it's fits with the title of the album. Other than perhaps the dragon tatoos. But who is this person? Are these mythical characters? Gotta admit mythology isn't my strong suit. Or is the one being held merely a Chinese citizen? It just seems kinda random. Maybe it does makes sense and I just need it explained to me.

I do notice however that the character on top has both wings (an angel) and a tail (the devil). So perhaps this character is both good and evil.

Not crazy about the color scheme either. It would be too one-dimensional on an album cover, just yellow and orange. I think they could do better. I prefer the bike pic to be honest. With that one you could draw a lot of meanings, it's subtle which I think is good, and it has an obvious relation to China.

Thing is if this is an official picture promoting a show it might bear some resemblance to the album cover. That's if they are trying to maintain consistency. Guess we'll see.

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