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Does it say tompetty.com in you gnr-mail too?


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I think it's more like they just don't care. Axl and Merck are dinosaurs in the industry. They're probably totally unaware of how important the internet can be to promoting a band. They were probably tickled pink with themselves that they actually got a site up. I doubt they've spent much time studying the content and delivery methods of other, more successful sites.

Actually, Merck does recognize the importance of the Internet. He's even given speeches about it at trade events.

However, I have to agree that they didn't seem to do much research before setting up this site. They could have learned a lot by just visiting other official sites - good and bad - to find what worked and what didn't. Bon Jovi and U2, for example, have highly effective sites that are among the best at promoting the bands and reaching out to their fanbases.

On the other hand, NIN didn't do its homework when it launched the Spiral last year and wound up with a terrible host and operator. Had they done their homework, they would have found that countless other bands had had trouble with this particular operator. It took a year for them to figure it out - but they finally switched operators this month.

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