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A new band or 'employees?'


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The 'member' and 'employee' thing has to deal with the company Guns N' Roses (not the name, the company) which only members are Axl, Slash and Duff (Izzy, I dont think is part of the company anymore, could be wrong). This was sort of touched on when Slash and Duff took Axl to court over the publishing rights of the songs.

Axl, Slash and Duff are members, everyone else (Gilby and Matt, etc, even Dizzy and all the new guys) are considered employees, unless something changes somewhere where Axl gives up some of his rights in the company Guns N' Roses to the new members. Thats basically all it amounts to. In a legal sense, Slash and Duff are still a part of Guns N' Roses, just in a legal sense, rather than a creative sense.

So there kiddies is your difference between 'employees' and 'members'

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current line-up ...

well those guys cannot say anything without permition about: the relations in the band not to "get in trouble with GN'R people" (interview with bbf) , realese date, some of them didn't even hear all Chinease Democracy

and above all are paid by A.Rose

as far as i'm concerned it's not a band

mere employess although they most of them probably have quite a big input on how CHD will sound

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Depends on in what way you mean. If you mean equal in stature (money, decision making) and in a business sense and how much control you have to say what you like then no it’s not a standard band type relationship. Axl is clearly top dog.

If you are talking creatively and live etc… then yeas I think they are a band and behave like a normal band. That’s the important part of it all for me.

The album cover and the track listing etc… is all gravy.

I just think all the “gravy” has come from a legal perspective rather than anything more sinister. I think Axl needs to have that control (not that I believe he exercises it too much these days) for him to feel comfortable enough to keep going. If that’s what it takes to get CD out and for them to play kick-ass gigs then I’m in.


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He said the same about Gilby I think in another statement. However neither Sorum or Gilby contributed to the songwriting process- they just played on parts other musicians wrote. The new band have all been contributing the new GNR material. I don't think it was a cheap dig, just a fact.

Sorum claims to have written all the drum parts for the Illusions, bar Civil War.

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Employees. GNR as a legal corporation would be stupid to allow "new" members to split the filthy lucre that GNR still commands. GUNS still has a money machine going even if the old band is defunct. I'm sure the new band has thier own corporate identity but honestly do you think that Axl would allow the new fellas to 1/8 control/vote and have a vote over the name, merchandise, logo and all the recipricol monies after all that he has had to gain control?

They were auditioned by Axl to fill a role needed to replace the old guys...in that sense I would say they were "hired" thus making them employees.

No slam to the guys in the band now...... but yes they are hired guns.

on a different subject but I wonder how much Axl had to do with the image change of FInk? I read somewhere that he had tried to get Buckethead to take of that fucking ridiculous mask and bucket. Fink looks like a rocker now and not some goofy pancaked makeup goth fag. Makes the new Guns look less like a circus on a bad heroin trip.

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o come on, yea their employees :rolleyes: in countless interviews he has reffered to them as the band, and has been quite enthusiastic about them to say the least. face it matt sorum was just a dweeb, i wouldnt want him in my band, axl is just embarassed to know that he's been apart of gnr.

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So, does Axl consider Matt Sorum only an "employee" because he was hired on during during Use Your Illusions, but didn't play with the "original" band? If that's the case, then do you think he considers Dizzy the same way?

Actually that's a quite funny thing if you look the back Live Era Dizzy is listed under Members when Matt and Gilby are simply under Additional musicians and the rest of the UYI crew are under Backing musicians..

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i would say some are and some arent.

Robin for sure is considered a full fledged member, look how nice axl is to him all the time.

Fortus i should think so at this point cause look how nice axl is to him now...... maybe not in 2002 as he was a N00B but now hells yeah.

Tommys been in since duff left and look how nice he is to him so yeah he is a member.

Dizzy, fuck yeah as he's been in since 91.

Chris Pittman is obviously the driving force behind Guns N' Roses in every way and maybe even the universe in general.

Brain..... i dont know, he seems in it just for the money but thta was probably just jokes.

him and bucket i wouldnt be too sure of.

Ron Thal at this point i would think is just an employee.

he wont even let him listen to the damn CD!!!!!

Bach is a guest.

Izzy is..... how do i describe it....

the only way izzy IS describable.

Izzy is and always has been Izzy.

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*Some folks have been sending 10 emails a day, and there's only so many times I can say "That's a question for GnR management, I can't answer that..." - lol. It is not my place to make announcements about Guns N' Roses' album release dates and tour dates - their management will give you confirmed information at their discretion.

Thats from the Bumblefoot websight...Also on another thread here in the forum.

Sounds like a hired gun to me eh? "Thier managment" ect ect.....meaning perhaps something like this...

"I'm another so called Gilby Clark hired on to play Bucketheads guitar parts......."

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