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2 Girls trying to get for free to the concert and trying to meet Axl


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I don't know if this is the right section but I found something funny

In a episode of the tv program called 6pack wich is almost daily broadcast on the Dutch tv channel TMF 2 girls of that program are trying to get free to the concert (2 July 2006 Nijmegen, Holland) , and are trying to meet Axl (and give Axl a littly present; some kind of thing were baby's can bite on ---> referring to the bite incident with the security guard).

You get to see that those 2 girls come with an excuse that the are from de catering service, so the get permission to enter the concertfield / backstage (so can also see some footage of the concert) If the concert is almost ending there going backstage to wait on Axl. Only when Axl is going to walk ofstage everybody is going to be removed by the security.

The 2 girls do meet Bumblefoot and 'have a little chad with him' (in English) and the give the present to Bubmblefoot so that he can give it to Axl


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that why is also said DUTCH programme, and in a DUTCH programme the won't speak English..... ;)

I know that's a problem for people who aren't from Holland or Belgium,

but the other people could always watch it for the video were the show how the concert looked like, a few live clips and the LITTLE CONVERATION WITH BUMBLEFOOT ;)

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very short:

girls wanted to get in for free to give Axl baby toy after biting incident in Sweden. Finally they got in saying that they were part of the catering service.

The managed to get backstage but didn't meet Axl, instead they met BBF and gave the toy to him.

Girls found that BBF was goodlooking and outplayed the other guitarplayer of the band.


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