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This subject was touched on in the thread about clues that exist within the new Harley commerical, but it sparked my curiousity and I thought it could lead to some interesting discussion.

The 2 sites (Here Today Gone To Hell & MYGNR) are arguably the most visited GNR fan sites in the world. They have always been "fan" sites with no real connection to the band. However, recent events have made it appear as though that has changed. At least with HTGTH.

Right now people are getting banned for mentioning the Harley Davidson commerical. Go check out the thread about the song "Better". Jarmo is threatening anyone who mentions the "leaked" commerical featuring the song Better. Leaked? It's on Harley-Davidson.com for God's sake. Clearly, the band wanted to control the announcement of this ad and Harley jumped the gun. Jarmo's heavy-handed approach makes it seem pretty obvious that GNR management is running that website now. I wonder how much he is getting paid?

Same thing happened with the Rolling Stone article a few days ago. Someone scanned the article and posted it on HTGTH. Within minutes, every thread that mentioned the dreaded word "Rolling Stone" was removed. RollingStone.com teased readers with the story a few hours later and seems fine promoting something in their magazine. Still today, HTGTH forbids its members to talk about this article.

What in the hell is going on over there?

Thank God MYGNR.com continues to allow its members to speak freely.

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