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Theres Something Different About This Better...

There Was A Fine

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i cant quite catch it but theres something different about this demo,

the first better you hear is the demo, the 2nd is something else... its not from the harley advert i garuntee you that but i will not name the source, but please just have a listen and help me the fuck out here..


if you listen to the start then quickly skip it the start of the 2nd better, you hear something that i cant quite catch thats different to the first one

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its not been messed with,

because i check out fan made leaks and ive ripped the vocals from the instruments and the usual hiss doesnt come from it,

this has NOT been messed with

Listen, IVE been listening to better since fucking February, Ive listened to them all! remastered by voodoo, imsorry, the other random fake fan-mades, So i NOW, this shit has been touched, stop acting like its "STUDIo, OMG!"

ur source is slash isnt it?

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