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Stupid DJ on 92.3 Krock in NY


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So I'm driving this morning, and I hear Civil War come on - which was cool, because I haven't really heard it on the radio much in recent years - so I'm waiting untill the end of the song to see if they say anything about GNR/Chinese D, and the f*cking woman DJ goes " Breaking news out of Guns N' Roses camp " - so I'm thinking Chinese Date? ......No - " GNR just cancels its first two shows of the big tour in Florida - so for those of you planning on going to the sold out show in MSG or the show in NJ, I'd start making some backup plans - then she starts joking about the Chinese D release date, saying don't hold your breath..blah , blah - So I'm pissed that she's a week or so behind on the show cancellation and mentioned nothing about the makeup date on Halloween that's already been announced, pissed about someone with such access to listeners continuing to throw negative sh*t out there - and just pissed in general because the Bagel store gave me f*cking flavored coffee instead of regular black - bad morning - Fuck em all - the joke's about to end anyway - this train is in motion - regardless of some clueless DJ not doing her homework

Sorry for the damn rant :fuckyou:

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