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K-Fed (Britney's hubbie) is back for more!

Russian Roulette

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Its not as bad as popozow or what ever that song was.

Don't sell him short--that's PLENTY bad. ;)

Seriously, anyone who pays for this guy's music or shows should be tagged, like a wild dolphin, with a sticker that says "Dumbass." I'd go so far as to suggest that all job interviews should lead off with the "Have you ever payed for K-Fed?" question. It's the ultimate, instant disqualifier.

I'd rather listen to Dustin Diamond sing opera, Dirty Sanchez or not... :tongue2:

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Ha that guy is hilarious. Say what you want about him but c'mon. He's loaded now after marrying Britney. It seriously must be the easiest life ever...

Don't get me wrong, K-Fed must be considered one of the brilliant figures of our time. Basically, Einstein in a wife-beater shirt. Entire text books should be created to school our future lads on how to score such coups. ;)

I just don't want to hear him sing/rap again. Ever.

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