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guns n roses on msn


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They're free guys, no worries about paying for them


£1.50 for them

It must be different depending on where you are or what type of messenger you have. I'm in Canada using MSN 7.5 with a messenger plus ad-on.


I got mine for free too, also using the newest msn - but no plus add-on

i'll see if i can find where they stored on my comp and upload them here

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sorry if this is the wrong section but i was on msn and i noticed this, not very important but i thought id show everyone.....


sorry if you cant hardly see it...i didnt know how to make it bigger

Cool man... but what the heck does this mean? What's on MSN? Did I miss a memo... or just get out more than other folks?

Can anybody fill a brotha in?

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