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i seen nickelback and the really really suck i do not like that band at all the band that opened for them in ny would be awesome bullet for my valentine something to get the crowed into it because axl is not hitting the stage till like 11:40 every night keep people energized rock1

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bach said he wasnt doing puerto rico but he showed up so who knows with him also i am hearing alexisonfire opening for guns in halifax which could be fairly good as well rock3

i doubt alexisonfire will play here on the tour because alexisonfire is playin in the uk on the 20th of november, i wouldnt mind them if they did tho its somthin to mosh to if your on the floor

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the Suicide Girls are said to open it say on ticketatlantic.com but i dont know who the fuck they are my friends telll me there models and i searched them on google and the dont play music they do like live shows like burlesk forgive my spelling, but they are real hot and they dance so it may be interesting

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