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Disraeli Gears- Cream


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I have all the great psychedelic albums of the era, yet this proves to be completely unchallenged as the best music to go with chemical intake.

"Electric Ladyland" comes in second, but it's not even close. Absolutely genius album. I think Eric uses too much wah at times, but I guess that's just the music, eh?

Great album, "Wheels of Fire" is better, but that's not nearly as trippy as this.

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I love "Mother's Lament" :lol: Great song. The whole CD is great. Like you've said, very trippy stuff and it just fits with the time. Tales of Brave Ulysses is awesome and so is Sunshine of Your Love and ahem, my username :heart:

Oh and the opening track of course!

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one of my favourite albums of all time!

And damn right its trippy.

I don't reakon Clapton uses too much Wah, it was a signature thing for him. He was the first person the bring it into the mainstream. Hendrix started using one because Clapton did :D

Truely the goldern era of rock imho.

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Great, great album. Apart from the obvious choices I like Dance The Night Away a lot.

EDIT: It would have been a perfect album for me if Tales had been replaced by White Room (they sound suspiciously similar) and White Room had been the opener. Dude!

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