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Miami radio station hyping tonight's show


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If anyone wants some background noise while online...the deejay on this station has been doing some cool hyping of tonight's show.He also said there are only scattered tickets left!

There's nothing earth shattering (no mention of any phone-in interviews or anything...yet).

Just thought if you want something to listen to while online...it's nice to hear a positive spin being put on tonight's show.

Miami radio

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god damn it...

hearing that song makes me wish I was there tonight!!

22 nights left dude, 22!

actually...I arrive in Orlando Friday night,I'm considering the Halloween show! B)

Lucky you!! Have a blast down there!

A friend of mine is there, she's thinking about going too. Let me know if you're going, she a single girl and don't plan to go alone ;)

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anything new to report? who was the mystery guest?

It might be Alder. I remeber reading somewhere that Baz, or Axl, was talking to Alder, about him doing a few songs with them on tour similar to like Izzy did.

I really hope they don't drag that junkie around with them

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Axl despises Adler. Adler just about killed Erin with an 8 Ball. After he got sacked he sued GNR saying that they made him do drugs. The whole title of the Spaghetti Incident? refers to a statement in the lawsuit wheras Adler accused the band of mistreatment.

If Axl lets that suck- your -cock for coke junkie on stage... then it stands to chance that Duff and Slash could one day find thier rightful GodGiven places in the universe ....Left and right of Axl on stage!!!

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