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Welcome To The Jungle

It's So Easy

Mr. Brownstone

Live & Let Die

Robin Solo

Sweet Child O' Mine

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

You Could Be Mine

Dizzy Jam

The Blues

Band Introductions

Richard Solo

Out Ta Get Me


Moving The Piano

November Rain


Bumblefoot Solo

My Michelle




Chinese Democracy

Paradise City


Brain sick, Frank is on drums.

Crowd response in not very good (at the beginning).

Chris Pitman is NOT wearing a dress type thing.

Robin's Solo was the same as the Inland Invasion one

Axl's getting pissed at the lighting guy.

Crowd is happier now, they sung along to KOHD nicely.

Crowd seems to forgive Axl for being late, they are loving it

Ron is kicking serious ass

Axl is jumping around stage alot, and changing his wardrobe frequently.

The crowd is digging the newer material.

Bach singing with Axl on My Michelle

Bach is "owning" Axl on vocals, whatever that means

Mother Goose did a killer job on the CD intro

Lots of people left the show halfway.

*Please NOTE that some NOTES may be unconfirmed*

This update is brought to you by your friends over at "elsewhere"

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This update is brought to you by your friends over at "elsewhere"

Thanks alot!!!!!!! :kiss:

Couldn't have done it without you!!!!

Are you thanking and 'kissing' yourself?


Talk about trying to get some free promotion at mygnr.com's expense... jeeessshhh.

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When Matt Sorum broke his wrist, Brian Tichy (the replacement drummer) took one afternoon to learn the drum parts to all of Contraband.

Contraband isn't very complicated, and Brian Tichy is a good drummer.

BTW, Frank ruined Mr. Brownstone & YCBM

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Do you think the setlist was affected by Brain's absence? In other words, might they have rehearsed some other, as yet unplayed songs with Brain but not with Frank?

Im not sure if it was affected or not, but it very well could have been. I just dont think they would debut a new song for the first time unless it was the entire band performing it.

Lots of people left the show halfway.

Axl really needs to think more about the fans. I know this is how he has always been but its a weekday, most people have to get up the next morning, its really shitty for them. I mean he puts on a long set anyway, no need to delay the start of it.

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I just got back from the show. I thought it was pretty kick-ass. Axl soundged fucking great. No, there were no new songs or news, but the show rocked. The only time the crowd really wasnt into it was during the new songs, especially the Blues.

I was very suprised how great Axl sounded. I would gladly pay to see them again. I was hoping for news, but I did not walk away disappointed.

Time for sleep.


The crowd wasn't very nice at the beginning of the show, that's what I heard.

Not true. I was there.

It's common for ppl to leave during a long boring show.

Most evrybody I saw was having a killer time. It slowed down with th enew songs and the solos, but the crowd was on thier feet the entire time when the old school shit was on.

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