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GNR needs a 'Chinese Democracy Medley'

Guest Matt13

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Bear with me here...

A lot of people are pissed that the set list is the same-old same-old after this first show. A lot of people want to hear more new songs... especially completely new songs (non-leaks). A few have made good marketing points about how playing a bunch of new songs would ruin much of what GNR and it's management is anticipating for the release of the album. With it being the internet age, as others have pointed out, a new song could be played and it would in some shape or form be up on the net for download somewhere before the show is over.

Yup, that would kill some of the anticipation factor for this long awaited album. W/O the internet, say if we went back to 1989 or something, a band could play a bunch of new songs and not have to worry about the entire free world from hearing it the next day. In fact, the people at those shows that did hear it would create a stir with the people that didn't, creating even more anticipation for an album.

So, here's my 'Internet Era' solution (which I briefly mentioned in the concert update page for the 24th.. think this is worth some serious discussion and it's own thread here on the board):

Take 5 or 6 songs from the album that are completey new... NON-LEAKS. Take 30 seconds from each one, and morph them into a medley. Introduce it as such... Axl could even say, "We'd love to play these for you in full, but you downloading motherfuckers would ruin the cake Uncle Axl has been cooking up for you all these years". With this medley (which would never happen, only in a perfect world... maybe), GNR would accomplish:

1. Not leaking any songs in full... only giving a taste of some new tunes.

2. Promote the album a bit more. I mean, this is the 'Chinese Democracy' tour, right?

3. Spur interest in the casual fan at the shows.

4. Defeat the internet. What harm is bits-and-pieces of a few new songs being downloaded going to do in the long run? If anything, it will get a whole shit load more people in line to buy the CD just out of curiosity for the medley.

and most importantly...

5. Give the hardcore fans (forum cupcakes like us) a taste of what we've all been waiting for.

There, everyone's happy! The casual fan would spread the word they they heard some really cool stuff in the medley and want to buy the album. The hardcore fans would flood the forums with countless posts about each song in the medley, the lyrics, etc.

At the end of the day, it just seems like a great way to defeat the 'Internet Era' and at the same time, stir up some interest in the new stuff like your 1989 fan would do in his era only being able to hear the new songs live before they were released.

Hands down, would be awesome promotion, and have a lot of people pretty satisfied, if not happy with these shows before the albums release.

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Interesting idea. Still, I think 3 new songs being played on tour before the album's released is fair. I don't like the present situation, but I'd rather the album drop first before I hear any more new songs. Be it in part or full.

I think if Axl could just talk a bit about the album while on tour, that'd be enough for me.

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I hate medleys they're just annoying.

It wouldbe frustrating to hear one AFTER the album's release, but I think it's a good pre-release solution.

I like this topic Matt. Something that isn't a completely useless suggestion for once. :)

Nah the only way medleys could work is if people know the songs. It's like when we had a minute of better. What's the point?! It's an interesting idea etc... but I really don't think anyone would gain anything from it. It's like seeing 20 minutes of a film.... sorry don't like it.

I don't wanna hear anything before the album unless it's a full song, and even then I'd probably prefer to wait until the album is released (if it's this year!).


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Matt I think it would be a wonderful idea. It's never going to happen, but it's a wonderful idea ! :P

Still, at least the tour is underway now right? That's fantastic, you lucky yanks.. Wish I could be there to relive it all again!

KK x

Yea, I know it's never going to happen... it's just a curious brain fart on my part. I personally am very happy just to have Axl out there and the new guys touring. I know once the album comes out we'll get more new songs, in full. And I agree with another poster that medleys are annoying... but in this case, I think it would be a perfect idea to make everyone happy, including the hardcore forum going mongers like ourselves. I mean, to the casual fan it wold be just like a guitar solo for 5 minutes. What harm is that? But for us hardcore blokes, it would give us a mountain of subject matter to discuss and snippets of songs to look forward to w/o ruining the 'surprise' factor when the album is released.

Not only that, but it would be a huge promotional statement as it would get countless thousands of casual and hardcore fans alike spreading the buzz about some new material... much like it was like in the old days of only being able to hear concerts in person and not on the net... having those fans say "wait 'til you hear this song... it sounds totally bad ass". That kind of thing.

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