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"Axl still expected for Guns N' Roses show"


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DATE: Oct. 24, 2006


Don't worry, Guns N' Roses fans. Axl is still coming to Southwest Florida.

It didn't look promising last week, though.

GNR was supposed to kick off the Southern leg of its 'Chinese Democracy' tour Oct. 20 in Jacksonville, but that show got rescheduled for Oct. 31. Then its Nashville stop Sunday

was canceled altogether.

But those changes weren't because of poor ticket sales or Axl Rose's mood, said John Stoll, president of West Palm Beach promoter Fantasma Productions, Inc.

The head Gunner just got hung up in the recording studio.

'He was putting the finishing touches on the new album,' Stoll said. 'But now Axl's in town (in Miami), and he has been rehearsing for two days.'

Guns N' Roses were set to start the Southern tour in Sunrise Tuesday night. The Nashville show couldn't be rescheduled, so they added another stop in Puerto Rico, Stoll said.

The tour includes singer Axl Rose, but no other members of the original lineup.

Guns N' Roses' long-awaited album 'Chinese Democracy' has been in the works for about 10 years, and it’s become a recurring joke among rock journalists. Spin magazine

even wrote a fake album review this year for April Fool's Day.

But now Axl has been telling interviewers the album will finally come out by Christmas. Finally. Guns N' Roses is performing many of its songs on tour, Stoll said.

Ticket sales have been strong throughout Florida ' the Sunrise show was almost sold out Tuesday morning ' but the Estero show has lots of good seats left, said Jeff Hickox,

regional marketing manager for Beasley Broadcast Group.

The concert is the centerpiece of K-Rock's 20th-annual Birthday Bash. The radio station is part of the Beasley Group.

Germain Arena is about 60-percent sold out for the Guns N’ Roses show, Hickox said, but the radio station had hoped for more. The arena can hold 8,300 people for concerts.

'Ticket sales aren't what we thought they'd be,' Hickox said.

Still, Hickox said that isn't unusual. Many big shows don't sell out until the last minute, and there are always a lot of walk-up sales at the box office the day of the show.

No matter who shows up, the band Papa Roach is excited about touring with Guns N' Roses and Sebastian Bach, formerly of Skid Row. And they're looking forward to reaching a

new hard-rock audience.

'We're really stoked,' said singer Jacoby Shaddix. 'It's just real rock n' roll, you know what I'm saying?'

The band has played a few dates before with Guns N' Roses, but never for more than one show. Now they'll be touring with GNR for three weeks.

Shaddix is still not sure what to expect.

'It's going to be interesting,' he said.

SOURCE: The News-Press

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Thanks to: s487807

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