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Tim Buckley


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Guest Jack_the_ripper
I'll check it out.

Is it similar to Grace at all? I can't remember Jeff ever citing his father as an influence, though you'd have to think he was to a certain extent.

didn't his father die much before jeff?

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Tim died at 28 when he snorted heroin thinking it was cocaine so a tragic accident like Jeff's death. His music was like Grace at times but thats probaly more due to the fact they were both huge fans of Miles Davis like experimentation, Jeff hardly knew his father so from what i gather he tried to block him from his career (and life) as much as possible but vocally they sound spookily similiar and lyrically its just as heartbreakingly tragic. Definately worth checking out, i'd say Tim's probaly the most underrated singer songwriter ever

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Recommend anything I should check out that I won't have heard? An album or something? I was looking for an album to buy.. Money to burn this week! :D


By Tim Buckley or anyone in general?

I meant by Tim Buckley.. But I gladly take any recommendations.. Always keeping my mind open to new artists -_-

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There is a collection album called morning glory which is great :)

Tim Buckleys cds is very different from each other so this might be a good album to start out with :)

There is such a presence in Tim Buckleys singing and songs, even the fast rock-ones..that and the lyrics is what makes his cds great for me :)

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