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Guns N' Roses chat room


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As a few of you know, I created a irc chat room last night to combat the idiotic chaos that was going on in the Gabbly chat room.

To get onto it, you can use www.mirc.com or any other IRC program of your choice (Server IRC.N00bstories.com, channel: #GNRchat) to get on, OR, for the computer newbs, just go to http://www.n00bstories.com/irc.php , fill out the forum on the page, and once in chat type /join #GNRchat

This chat is better in every way because 1. It has moderation. 2. You can earn rank (Voice, Half-op, and if i reeeaaaly like you Full-op) and 3. There arn't really any rules. If you become too much of a problem, You earn a prize. A Ban from the room, starting at 30 minutes.

Also, if anyone shows up in chat for tonights show, ill be passing updates on to the chatroom

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