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Van Halen in Discussions for Reunion


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Van Halen Runnin’ With the Reunion?

Quasi-credible Web portal MelodicRock.com is reporting that Van Halen — the original version, complete with David Lee Roth on the mike — will be reuniting for a full tour of the States and “other territories” in 2007. While we were not aware that America is a territory, we are psyched to see the original incarnation of VH in any spot on earth. Of course, who knows for sure if this rumor is true?

The site sources someone “highly placed” in the band’s camp, and the author of the post writes: “While nothing in the world of Van Halen is set until the band walk out on stage, I can confirm that negotiations between all parties have been underway for some time, trying to put together a big 2007 reunion tour.” The writer goes on to claim that he knows for a fact there will not be a new Van Halen record to accompany this tour, which implies that the band will be playing lots of old-school, classic material if this actually happens and is not just another fantasy cooked up by incredibly stoned Roth-loyalists during one of their weekly gatherings in which they read aloud from Crazy From the Heat.

-- Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

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If Ed plays like he did on the 2004 reunion tour, I'll be gladly skipping this one...

I can't believe I paid damn near $150 to watch that drunken idiot forget most of the songs.

Your seats must have been a little better than mine, I paid $100. But you're right, many times during the show, you could see Sammy and Mike looking at Ed, wondering when he would get his shit together. I've seen Ed(VH) 9 times and I swore I'd never see him again, but if Dave is allowed back, I may have to see it one more time........................but thats it.

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That would be sweet to see them again!

Just won't be the same though. Dave with his comb-over and all. Wonder if he can still do the jumps.

I saw Dave in 2004, and he still can.

He can still change outfits 3 times per song as well...

I'll definately be at this though, I was annoyed the '04 Reunion didn't make it to England.

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