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Pit(t)man's wikipedia page


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Never seen this before:


It's fucking hilarious, the way it tries to sound official but still includes so many Pit(t)man jokes!

Just look at these:

"However, when he does participate in a song, he's known for his signature keyboard that can sway back and forth to the funky techno beat."

"Chris Pitman is also known to do a very accurate impression of film actor Christopher Walken. He's known to crack the band up back stage before shows."

"The surname Pitman finds its roots in Old English. It is derived from the word "pytt," which means pit, and "Mann," which means man. The name is an example of a topographic surname, which were names assigned to families based on the physical features of their surrounding landscapes (such as mountains, streams, or trees). Historically, Pittmen inhabited low-lying areas resembling pits or hollows."

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The Pittman jokes are fucking gayyyyy. You're trying to jump on a shitty bandwagon that passed by ages ago.

On a side note, it's pretty cool that he can do a Walken impression. I'd like to see that. :lol:

Um, I didn't edit the wikipedia page. I just found it and thought it was pretty funny. :huh:

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