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Third Version

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Just done a third re-write. can someone give me their opinion on the lyrics please?

Im the worst, at hi-

ding the truth

and for this curse

i feel insane

my little gun

has never been

loaded, an never will

until after the end.

You know, you know

you know, you know

whats coming.

An then i remember

just who i detest

oh yeah, i guess

it made my sui-cide

i found it painful

it was so painful

to find the will

for you know whats comin next.

You know, you know

you know, you know

whats coming.

Load up your gun

an shoot yourself

its fun to do

then they prentend

you went overboard

an was insucure

oh no, i know

i killed myself.

You knew, you knew

you knew, you knew

it was coming.

You were still

in denial,

in denial.

when i first wrote the song i hated it, so i just forgot about it. a few months later i changed a good bit of it, then the other day i changed more parts and im starting to like it now. in about 6 monthes ive gone from hating it to likin it enough to post it.

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