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B&P-dumbass guide


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^ thanks ^_^

just 2 more questions

is it legal as long as they're bootlegs?

Technically speaking - no, it's not legal, but a lot of artists support the trading of bootlegs. It's no less legal than downloading them.

and does it matter whether the DVDS are DVD-R or DVD-RW? :unsure:

RW stands for Re-Writeable, which means you can write over the top of them several times. They're also about 3x more expensive, and won't play in most DVD players.

What probably concerns you more is whether to use DVD-R or DVD+R. DVD-R is the more common format and is the one you should use.

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You send blank discs, and postage money with a self addressed envelope, and the person burns the concert to the blank dvds and sends them back in the envelope. Not much more to it, really.

I usually just make sure there is a stamp on the one thats coming back to you as well as the one going there. That way you don't need to send money.

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