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Bob Dylan: Simply the Best


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I got to my seat last night, 15th row directly in front of The Man Himself, in the middle of the opening act. I hadn't seen Bob since April his 05 spring tour, and my girlfriend was excited for her first Dylan experience. About 8:30, the lights went out and Bob's intro started. The band throttled into Maggie's Farm and blew the doors off. She Belongs to Me (a nice slow tune), Lonesome Day Blues (a sizzling barnburner of a blues jam off of 2001's Love & Theft), and Positively 4th Street (a true Bob classic) followed. These were followed by two of Bob's greatest lyrical works: It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) and The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol. After that, we got our first taste of Modern Times with the rip, roaring, sizzling, soaring Rollin and Tumblin, which showcased flashy bluesmanship by axeman Denny Freedman and pedal-steal diety Donny Herron. It was back to the Bob classics then, breaking out The Ballad of Hollis Brown and Most Likely You'll Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine). Bob then stunned the Chicago crowd by breaking out a deep cut in Joey off of his underrated release Desire. Then, Bob put on his cowboy hat (the sign that it's time to get down to business) and blasted away with the title track from the landmark album Highway 61 Revisited. It was then back to Modern Times as Bob crooned out a sweet n smoothe Working Man's Blues #2, before closing it off with the ever-sizzling 01 closer Summer Days. The encore was untouchable: Thunder On The Mountain (a bluesey rocker off of Modern Times), Like a Rolling Stone, and - the only way to end a nigh of Bobbery - Watchtower. All three encore songs featured Herron and Freedman going back and forth with rockin solos, as well as some flashey keyboard work from his Bobness. If you can catch Bob on this tour, DO NOT MISS IT! He puts on a phoenominal show, lets his band shine, and the voice......best I've heard it of late. This guy is simply the man. Period.

There's also no better way to spend 2 minutes than makin' out with the girlfriend while Bob and his band rock the guitar solo on Like a Rolling Stone. I recomend it rock3rock3rock3

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Awesome dude! I saw him in June, but obviously Modern Times wasn't released so I saw no material. Hope I can see him soon when he returns to Europe.

Its awesome that he played Joey. I have been looking at the setlists from his recent gigs, and he's playing stuff like Tangled up in Blue and Simple Twist of Fate. I could die happy if I saw him perform those

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