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New Gn'R Songs Will Soon Appear On The Setlist!!!


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Appeared on the Official website!!!!

Check out those song titles rock4

They might bring back "Perfect Crime"!!!

And debut "Prostitute"!!!

This is great news.


(I hope this isn't some cruel joke planned by the GNR crew)

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the 3 songs on the right side crossed out are IRS, Chinese, and Used To Love Her, on the left is the nights setlist and the right is what they know as a band I assume play if the band is having a great time and think the fans are deserving.

I like how on the setlist beside some of the songs it says which songs have PYRO in them.

guess someone posted my point while i was typeing

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Here Here to Del James for opening up and writing this article, its about time! But to rip fans for being critical online, hell many of us have been around and listening to G N R since 1987 and should have valuable opinions!

But overall i am very pleased to see this kind of stuff coming from the G N R camp!

Now if we can only get an album out...

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