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GNR have the best musicians nowadays,but I have a question..

Gallagher Rose

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3 top guitarists..each one with a proper and unique style,especially Bumblefoot.

One of the greatest bassists in the music scene..Tommy stinson.

Ferrer,which is a top drummer.

Dizzy,with the band since the old days.

Pitman..the Chuck Norris of music.

Do you like the chemistry of this new band?Or they look like hired musicians,doing what Axl wants?

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They're a very tight unit, for sure - I haven't heard a single song from the band in 2006 that fell below "good" quality - They've all been uniformly well-performed. The guys have really gelled into something special, and there's a cohesion in the band this year that just hadn't quite been developed in 2002.

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all you need to do is watch the band in motion. oh yes, they are a band. check that pic of tommy and robin that was posted on www.gunsnroses.com today with the article.

You are right Friday.....

There is more to a band than playing the music chord for chord, when I saw them in SF they had amazing energy and each kinda did there own thing. There werent steppin all over ech other, which is amazing since there are like 27 of them. Fortus has incredible energy and even a little bit of an Izzy vibe. Finck is kind of a chameleon and Bublefoot, is just flat out automatic, mix it in with Axl and presto, great band, little dissapointed bout brain though, seemed with Stinson and Brain, they had the rythem thing worked out.

They are not the original GNR, but hey, 85% of the best is still better than 100% of the rest in my opinion.

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