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Merck/Axl Sanctuary Split Official -- sort of


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First this surfaces from Elton John's camp:

Merck Mercuriadis has split ties with Elton John. According to a statement issued on behalf of John's management company Twenty-First Artists, Mercuriadis has stepped down by "mutual agreement" from duties tending to the creative side of the veteran singer/songwriter's career.

As a result of the move, creative management services will be handled by Johnny Barbis in the United States, and Clive Banks in the United Kingdom and rest of the world.

Mercuriadis continues as an artist manager within Twenty-First Artists' parent company Sanctuary Group, overseeing artists including Axl Rose and Morrissey.

John turned to Mercuriadis -- formerly CEO of Sanctuary Records -- to manage the creative side of his career after John and his partners sold Twenty-First Artists to the Sanctuary Group for $30.1 million (Billboard, April 16).

John co-founded London-based Twenty-First with Frank Presland and Keith Bradley. Presland was appointed CEO of Sanctuary Group following Andy Taylor's dismissal from the post on May 26.

Then Sanctuary issues a notice saying that Merck doesn't work there any more. (Sheesh!)

From Sanctuary HR:

Please note that Merck Mercuriadis has tendered his resignation, which Sanctuary has accepted, and at the close of business today will no longer be employed by Sanctuary. Further information will be forthcoming as necessary.

(And for the record, I don't think he's been working out the Sanctuary office for awhile, now).

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Actually, I think that this is new info on it.

It's all new info. Merck was expected to keep one foot in Elton John's management in conjunction with 21/Sanctuary while taking Axl to his new ccmpany (new gig at an old company, anyway), but that whole deal appears to have fallen through.

So now Merck is totally gone from Sanctuary as of today.

The writing's been on the wall for Merck for months, but all the backroom negotiations must have been insane.

(Which is why I could never figure out how he'd have the time to be telling Madison and Jarmo anything, much less trying to micro-manage the info on latter's fan site and run a rock tour. He must be one majorly talented multi-tasker).

Hats off to ya, Merck! ;)

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