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A Great Tuesday: Halloween


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I have now listened through both of my purchases from yesterday, and I have to say this was a Tuesday well worth the wait. In total, it was a day approximately 33 years in the making. The first CD I bought has been anxiously awaited for the past 20 years. I knew from the instant that the miniopera Wire & Glass started when I saw them back in September that the Who's new record would be a gem, and how right I was! The album is a masterpiece. Every song has incredible lyrics and pounding music. Hilights are the Baba O'Reilly-meets-Another Tricky Day rocker Fragments, Dylanesque protest song Man in A Purple Dress, and the whole of the miniopera Wire & Glass: Sound Round>Pick Up the Peace>Unholy Trinity>Tribly's Piano>Endless Wire>Fragments of Fragments>We Got A Hit>They Made My Dream Come True>Mirror Door>Tea & Theater. The whole album serves as a concept album based around the themes in Pete's acclaimed novella, The Boy Who Heard Music. Lyrically, conceptually, and above all musically, the miniopera is easily comparable to both Tommy and Quadrophenia and makes the last half-hour or so of the record absolutely mindblowing.

The second was a brief (by comparison) 13 years in the making. Bat out of Hell I is one of my favorite concept records of all time, and Bat out of Hell II is a worthy follow-up. Bat III is superior to both. This may be the greatest record that Meatloaf has ever recorded. The music varies from heavy-metal sounding themes on The Monster is Lose and If It Aint Broke Break It, but returns to Meatloaf's trademark balladeering on songs like Blind as a Bat and It's All Coming Back to Me Now. The album's hilight is easily the 8-minute epic climax, The Future Aint What It Used to Be. Guest collaborators included Bat I pioneers Todd Rundgren and Jim Steinman as well as Desmond Child, Diane Warren, James Mitchel, Marti Frederiksen, John 5, Nikki Sixx on the creative end. Musically, Meat is joined by vocal geniuses Marion Raven, Patti Russo, and Jennifer Hudson, as well as stunning guitars from virtuoso Steve Vai and Queen mastermind Dr. Brian May. This is one of the best new albums I have heard in a while, and were it not for Bob Dylan's Modern Times, would easily be my favorite record of the year.

So yes, it was a good tuesday.

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