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Papa Roach Set Watches To GNR Time


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TITLE: Papa Roach Set Watches to GN'R Time

DATE: Nov. 3, 2006

SOURCE: AOL Music News

Papa Roach Set Watches to GN'R Time

Posted Nov 3rd 2006 3:01PM by Jolie Lash

Filed under: Rock

Papa Roach are in the final days of their opening slot on the Guns N' Roses tour, and according to frontman Jacoby Shaddix, it's been one hell of a ride.

"Every day our set time changes, depending on when Axl [Rose] wants to show up to the gig," he tells AOL Music. The band, he says, don't mind: "It's like, f*** it. It's an opportunity to play."

They've enjoyed the opportunity to promote their new album, 'The Paramour Sessions,' to the GN'R masses. "You've got some really, really young kids, like 15, all the way up to people in their fifties, so it's a very diverse audience," Shaddix says. "Really, it's just a rock n' roll crowd, and they want to rock. We're the underdogs on this show. We have to get up there and bring the raucous. We turn it out every night."

With four major-label efforts under their belts, the band has been surprising the arena crowds. "We've had [about] seven singles under our belt now, and we're bringing them out throughout the set," Shaddix says. "By the end of the set, we've got them in a hot frenzy."

Papa Roach have also picked up a few tips from Axl and company: "What I've learned is to show up on time," the frontman laughs.


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