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Best Guns N' Roses Cover band


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yer their good, another good tribute band are Guns 2 Roses check em out on youtube


Just noticed you're from Kent - you didn't see Guns 2 Roses at Beacon Court Tavern last night did ya?

yer i was there lol...was u there? i was standing right at the front with a boy in a scarf and i was wearing a black GnR t shirt i was standing in the centre

Bad Obsession are a very good GnR cover band. I saw them live once, my ears were ringing for the next 2 days lol they nailed every tune!

haha yer my ears arre ringin still from last night sounds like a fire alarm going off in my head lol


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I certainly was there - to the right of the stage, the Axl of the band kept talking to me and shook my hand a few times, my mate is the rhyhtm guitarist.

I requested they did Coma.

It's all good :krider:

By the way - were you in the Guns N' Roses "Paradise City" Jack Daniels spoof t-shirt?

I think I saw you.

I was that twat that was snake dancing to every song.

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omg lol yer that was me i was next to a boy in a scarf (he just stood there glum al night lol)

haha yer i kno who you are, i was standing next to your mate i think :)

yer i see you request coma lol i wanted to request a song to but i didnt know wether to...i was gonna ask for better or another new song rock2

i had a feeling you was from a forum cause i see you singing every song lol i sang to most accept coma and hole lotta rosie i dont really know the words lol

are you from round gillingham?


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