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Why doesn't Axl ask Seb to become a PERMANENT member of Gnr????!!!!


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How could anyone possibly be so thick as to not see the sarcasm in this thread? It's beyond me that people are actually giving serious answers to HRH and Rockworld.

What the fuck's up with that?? Seb in Gnr's a fuckin great idea man. Don't call me out for comin up with good ideas. I wanna see Seb in Gnr it wud be fuckin great.

Just co u didnt come up with the idea dont make out that I'm talkin jive shit, man.

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hahaha that would be so shit :rofl-lol: Seb is cool and all but i think its best if it says the way it is

yeah but, man, think outside the box. how cool it could fuckin be....all the possibilities. it could be AMAZING.

Picture this, MTV VMAs 2007:

Gnr open with My Michelle- Axl and Seb

Segway into a NEW song written by Seb AND Axl!!!

Axl leaves the stage, Seb sings a Gnr Rarity (pick YOUR favorite!)

Seb leaves and Axl comes on for a finale of an all time classic (eg Paradise City)

Cool shit, right there. You cant say that wouldnt be cool.

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umm, when I think about it... I'd say that would suck ass, having two lead singers in the band and then if something happens to Axl sebastian would take his place?!? :blink: and then wouldn't be any original Guns N' Roses member left in the band, that'd be stupid and thinking of Back singing on new albums lead vocals with Axl on every single song not just backing vocals, lead! with Axl or they doing a duel, I don't like that

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I don't think Bazz would be up for it. He is not stupid and when all is said and done, I think he knows what is best. I would not mind watching Bazz cover any GNR songs. I do not think Sebastian belongs in the same category with Vince Neil. Bazz is FAR more talented and a much more capable musician. If anyone hee besides me has seen Bazz on stage (theatre), you know how talented he is. I was really surpised at how many people were so smitten by him. There were quite a few 40 something women that would have left their husbands last night for him.

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