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Mood/Instrumental guitar music: Any fans?


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I love instrumental guitar music, I've been trying to find some good bands that play it, but haven't had much luck. Any recommendations?

Here is a clip of the kind of music I'm talking about, especially the first 20 seconds...:

That kind of synthy/electric guitar over a drum beat is hypnotic....

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My mate's into a band called Emerson, Lake & Parmer (sp?) and I've heard them play some cool instrumental stuff.

I've got quite alot of ELP's stuff,

Progressive Rock, all members are bloodly talented. Particularly Kieth Emerson, he is the greatest keyboardist ever.

I love them, but it my be too out there for most people. They did manage to headline the California Jam though and had abig following back in the day.

It's not all instrumental though, Greg Lake is a good singer and sings a fair bit.

I've got Wried and Blow by Blow bby Jeff Beck, they are great instrumental albums.

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Get some Mogwai - exactly what you're looking for

Definitely a good choice. Try Godspeed You Black Emperor! as well. For free,legal shows from both go to www.archive.org, select live music archive then browse bands...and you'll get a list of all the bands on the site to choose from.

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