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mikes huntington review


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I made the trip up from Atlanta, Ga, regreting my decision the whole way. 9 hours in the car, only to hope that Axl would be in good spirits. I had tix to Tenn. but that got cancelled, so i was worried. After sitting through Baz, whom i thought was talented, and hearing him talk trash about Ted Nugent, i was ready for him to get of stage, and clean his make-up off his face. Yeah, 18 and life and i remember you, and monkey buisness, and all the new songs were good, but how dare you talk trash about Nuge!!!! After sitting through the sad depressed badly dressed emo band Papa Roach, i could only hope that they would get off stage. I was about 10 feet back, waiting 30 mins after Roach ended, expecting to wait 30 more when the lights went out. Robert Finck walks over to the left side of the stage and begins the slow intro over pitman's sound effects to WTTJ. Axl runs out, and i was immediatly awake again. Youve seen the set, and i understand that other shows haven't compared to this set wise, but let me say this. Any real GnR fan knows that Axl will either be in a bad mood, and his erratic behavoir will spil a show, or he will be in a mood to dominate an audience, with that same erratic behavoir-and you will never see a more electrified front man who constantly has your undevided attention. Ive seen around 60 shows, from all genres, and Axl is the best most captivating frontman in the world. And by the way those of you who miss Slash and Duff, and izzy and matt , and steven, and even gilby, i understand that it isnt the same. i love slash, and all those guys, i sat in on an interview with duff in atlanta for vr. Slash is creative, but ill let you in on a secret bumblefoot, fink, and forus have just ass good of showmanship, along with the same musical ability, ex for bumblefoot who would play circles around any of the GNR members, old or new. Im just as happy with the new guys so people need to stop worrying about thoses guys- go see VR if you want a good but second rate concert with a self absorbed cant compare to axl frontman who is more unreliable than axl was ever if you want the best, you got the best in GNR if you want diet coke go see Vr. Fortus, fink , and bumblefoot are awesoem live!!!!!

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