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marshall amps

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do the solidstate marshall amps have the marshall sound?

No, You will not be able to get the sound of an tube amp out of a solidstate amp.

When you say "The Marshall" sound are you thinking about Superlead plexi tone or JCM800-tish tone?

You will not be able to get any of them with soldstates as MG's.

also, is there a good tube amp that wouldnt be too loud (for practising purpose) when the vol. is half way up?

cos if the vol. knob is at 2 or 3 the tubes wont be warm enough and it wont produce the max sound.

You can use a powerbreake/hotplate if the amp doesnt have an master volume.

You will not get the excact sound as if you kranked it for real, but you get a pretty decent sound.

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