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the show was really good. i went but i had to leave during madagascar for an 1 1/2 drive home. got home at about 3:30 haha. great show though, baz was fun and gnr fucking rocked. papa roach sucked dick. i was the kid flipping them off and yelling you suck near the front. axl, and the whole band, impressed me.

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So.. the setlist was something along these lines:

01. Welcome To The Jungle

02. It's So Easy

03. Mr. Brownstone

04. Live and Let Die

05. Sweet Child O Mine

06. Knockin' On Heaven's Door

07. You Could Be Mine

08. The Blues

09. Better

10. Out Ta Get Me

11. November Rain

12. Down on the Farm

13. IRS

14. My Michelle (With Bach)

15. Patience

16. Nightrain


17. Madagascar

18. Paradise City

What about Solos? (Ron Solo in there somewhere)

Same solos as every other show.

Axl gave us a nice K-Fed impersonation too, before playing November Rain. He had us give Britney and Federline a moment of silence, but instead of quiet he got a bunch of boos and jeers.

Was this before or after they covered Beautiful?

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I forgot to mention, after throwing his earpiece away, a couple of songs later he got some feeback from one of the speakers and kicked in one of those expensive LCD monitors that was in the center of the stage.

Yea I forgot about that. It was at the beginning, during ISE or LALD. And I don't think it was an LCD he kicked it was the center floor monitor (speakers) he kicked because it was feeding back. The reason he was singing in front of them was because his ear monitor wasn't working right, because shortly after he was toward the back of the stage singing in front of one of the Marshall amp stacks (so he could hear himself). He made the comment (after a short "rant" about Portland), "can you hear me Tom?" (Might have been a different name, I'm assuming it was the sound guy). "That's good, 'cause I can't hear myself - but it's probably better that way".

I'm really glad I was sitting stage right, I got to see the band's area directly at the back of the stage. The entire time the roadies were setting up, Frank was in that corridor with his sticks hitting a practice pad (I assume) and loosening up. One of the Del James pictures from that deleted update at the official site looks like it was that area. I also watched a roadie find a problem with Fincks Wah pedal and after troubleshooting end up running another cable under the stage for it.

I hope someone recorded the show so I can re-live it and find out how well I approximated Axl's comments!

EDIT: Shit I remembered another thing. During the showering sparks that fall from above during Ron's November Rain finale (and hey, it was November AND raining last night!) Something at the front of the upper stage (where the drums and keys are) caught fire! It took a few seconds for a roadie to put it out. Might have been paper or one of the towels.

At one point Axl said something about having all of the problems of the European and American tour combined tonight, or something to that effect - I couldn't quite hear it over the crowd. You could tell they were frustrated because after the cancellation they wanted to kick some ass. So they made due and did their best, problems and all.

Honestly, with the amount of state-of-the-art sound equipment and number of roadies and stagehands around, there really is no excuse for the amount of problems this band seems to have. I agree with Axl (and Robin) getting pissed. People payed alot of money to see these shows, Axl needs to start from scratch next time and can half these people. (The crew that is - keep the band!)

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