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My GN'R reciew from Worcester


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The Brit and K-Fed thing...

Before Axl played November Rain when he sat down on the piano, he said, "I'd like a moment of silence." The crowd quieted somewhat, but he said again, "A moment of silence please." When the crowd quited he said, "We're going through a tough time right now, a really tough time....Brit and K-Fed have broken up."

The crowd laughed and went crazy when he started playing November Rain.

The turnout was great, a lot better than I expected. There was almost no room left on the floor, so if you wanted to get out, it took about 20 mins to cross the floor. The lower section of the stands were sold out, or as close to sold out as you're going to get, and they were quite a few fans in the balcanies.

Guns N' Roses were scheduled to show up at 10:30, so naturally they showed up at 11:45 when beers started flying and people started leaving. Everybody was getting frustrated, and since it was nearing midnight, I was nervous they would cancel the show soon, which would start a riot probably, as I was in the middle of a bunch of drunken Irish men from the Boston area-not a good combination.

Finally the lights go out and Finck comes out with the opening of Welcome to the Jungle. From that point on, nobody cared about how late the show was or anything else. All we cared about was Rocking n' Rolling. My voice was gone by about the fourth song in the set(And they played 17 songs not including solos/Don't Cry).

Axl of course, blamed everything on the sound crew by the second song, It's So Easy.

The setlist included(Not sure of the order except for the first 7 and the last 4):

Welcome to the Jungle

It's So Easy

Mr. Brownstone

Live and Let Die

You Could Be Mine

Finck Solo

Sweet Child O' Mine

Knockin' On Heavens Door

Dizzy Piano Solo

The Blues

Out ta Get Me

Fortus Solo(Easily the best on the solos in my opinion)

November Rain


My Michelle(With Sabastion Bach, who did good in this song)

Down on the Farm(HUGE, but great surprise)

Bumblefoot Solo, followed by his solo of Don't Cry





Madagascar(Loved it instead of Chinese Democracy)

Paradise City

Again, the setlist isn't completely right, but it's close...maybe.

And about the opening bands, Skidrow and Papa Roach, they beat all espectations completely. They both played for about one hour each. Bach put on a great show to start and played all of their great classics. Entertained the crowd by talking about how the DCU Center is stupid(Or, "What the fuck is this shit?" as he greatly put it"), and how it should still be the Worcester Centrum(You have to live in Massachusetts to get it).

People were booing Papa Roach before they started, but when they got on and played everybody was into it.

There were many mosh pits, which security came and broke up numerous times, but they started right up again when they left. Also, a fight broke out during one of their songs, and when it was over the lead singer's like, "I saw a couple people fighting in the middle of the last song. I think they should come up on stage and settle it. Who wants to see a good fight?" The whole crowd cheered the idea on, but security told the guy that they weren't allowed to do that so he said, "Let's just kiss and make up and Rock n' Roll!" The crowd liked that idea better.

Overall, it was an amazing performance. Axl never needed to take a break from the concert, his only breaks were during the solos and such. For the fans, it was straight 2+ hours of rocking. Everybody was into every song they played, especially Sweet Child O' Mine, which was when they sang along the loudest. I couldn't even hear Axl over the crowd, but that was fine as I was with them. The solos got a little boring after a while, but it was fine. Anybody who has any doubts about them...well, Axl is back people and he's just as good as before.

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Great show great review. I was sitting in the seats when the fight started during Papa Roach. We had floor tickets so we went down to watch and a few guys got hauled away. Then we watched this guy take an elbow to the head. He dropped like a rock.

My wife was almost ready to give up after the 3rd 10 minute or longer gitar solo. None of these new guitarists touch gutiar god status. The solos were a total buzz kill. Partying till 2 am is no big deal as long as the crowd is into it. But eveyone stopped dancing during the solos. I am glad I convinced my wife to stay, b/c when Axl came out to play Paridise City, he blew a wistle and threw it into the crowd, and I cought it. That was awesome. Then at the very end he threw his microphone into the seats. I ran up to the guy that cought it and it was still on. Very fun, late night.

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