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msg show 11/10/06


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a friend has told me that madison square garden is very strict with timing. He says they wont let gnr play past a certain time and they will have to start around 9-10. Ive been to several concerts and they have never started before 1130. What time should I arrive at MSG? What time can we expect guns to come on? Is there a certain time they have to finish. Thanks

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guns will be going on between 945-1015 tomorrow. they must finish by 1200 or 1230. strict retrictions for msg, not only are the late fees significant but axl & co could face a lifetime ban from the arena. of anyone remembers back in 2002 at msg they hit the stage rather early compared to previous gigs.

i strongly recommend too anyone who likes to shoot in at the last second (i know i do) before guns hit the stage dont plan on enterong past 10 o clock or so

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