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Dragonforce - Any fans here


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Okay - sorry to bump this, but I decided I should give them more of a go... so went out an bought Inhuman Rampage. Very much liked it. Operation Ground and Pound and Through The Fire And Flames are my two favourites. Only criticism is that it is very 'samey' - fantastic guitar work, Nintendo sounds, mindblowing guitarwork, Nintendo Sounds, good - highpitched vocals, few more Nintendo Sounds.

But, I'm getting the other two albums for Christmas as I enjoyed this one so much. The Totman/Li partnership is fantastic and very powerful. Although - neither is as fast or as good as Buckethead - but are Bucketheadesque in elements.

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i aggree they do same the sound in a way, by they were influenced by video game music. hint the nintendio sounds etc

Yeah - I'm all for the Nintendo sounds, but at points, it is jmo, but can be overdone. Still an awesome group

i'd like there other 2 albums but i'm waiting at the moment get them in janurary

From what I've heard- their good too, so I hope I can get them :)

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