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Ciggarette and Weed Smoking


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I remember with VR when smoking was still allowed in the venue... that place was so filled with smoke my friends could barely see anyone in the pit. I got a nice buz without touching any weed that night.

But every concert since the moment they see a cig or a joint they yell at the people.

Security is cracking down... but it is still possible.

woooops I didn't see this was for new york

I guess its probably the same at a venue there as it is anywhere else lol

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so you think you get thrown out if u light up a cigarrette? or weed?

It's nothing new.

I mean weed smokers. I don't see a problem with it though, just appreciate it man. :P

just remember to share with the people next to you staring enviously!


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You'll be fine. I never touched cigs or weed all night and all my clothes and my hair smelt horribly or weed afterwards. Hell, the security guards walking past us smelt like it, and I didn't see anybody being kicked out. Don't worry, people all around us and in the place were smoking, you won't have problems. When the lights were flashing and shit, you could see the huge clouds of smoke everywhere.

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