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Almost Famous Gets Live Updates From MSG

Almost Famous

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Alright. Here we go, I'm waitin' on the first update from A_Little_Patience.

Please, DO NOT clutter this thread, I will make another thread for the discussion of the show.

Check back for updates brought to you by ALP and myself (Also, I will be adding them in at the time I get them into United States CST - which is an hour behind New York.)

First update (7:01 CST) Bach going on now - Johnny

Second - Bach Is Kickin' ass ha he is still on - Johnny

Third - Youth Gone Wild with Scott Ian I kid you not man - Johnny

Fourth - Bach Is Done - Johnny

Fifth - About 60% filled - Johnny

sixth - Papa Roach is on - Johnny

seventh - 'bout 90% filled. - Johnny

eighth - Last Papa Roach Song - Johnny

nineth - Guy behind us asked if Axl was still in the band, and I have members from HTGTH next to me - Johnny

tenth - On now!!! - Johnny

11 - WTTJ and so easy - Johnny

12 - Brown and live and let - Johnny

13 - Place is packed Robin solo - Johnny

14 - Holy shit he sounds so good scom kohd - Johnny

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1. Welcome To The Jungle

2. It's So Easy

3. Mr. Brownstone

4. Live And Let Die

5. Robin Finck Solo

6. Sweet Child O' Mine

7. Knockin' On Heavens Door

8. You Could Be Mine

9. Dizzy Reed Piano Solo

10. The Blues

11. Better

12. Richard/Robin Solo [beautiful]

13. Out Ta Get Me

14. November Rain

15. BBF Solo

16. My Michelle [With Sebastian Bach]

17. Used to Love Her

18. IRS

19. Patience

20. Nightrain


21. Chinese Democracy

22. Paradise City

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