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I'm looking for some new songs that fit my taste


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I've never been one to really get into the pre-Zeppelin music scene so I don't know what's out there.

I've always been a HUGE fan of songs that change the tempo during the song, whether it's once or multiple times..like "Bat out of Hell" or "estranged" or "What is and What SHould Never Be"...even "American Pie"(at the end when it gets very slow).

I'm also a big fan of pauses in songs...most notably from GNR "Patience", "november Rain"

Overall I especially like when a song completely changes...whether it's multiple times(Bat out of Hell) or just once (Patience)...but I like those types of songs...when the tempo and "focus" shifts.

If you don't get what I'm saying I udnerstand because I'm struggling to find the right words to describe what I mean to say but I was wondering if anyone that understood me had any suggestions to songs that would fit the above categories. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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ZAUM - "Apparatus" or "Merkaba"

You'd love it. It changes tempos non stop and it's very experimental and different.

Lots of voice over lapping chants etc.

You can't find it anywhere else but http://www.elsewhere.piczo.com though :)

sorry for plugging the site but you just have to go download ZAUM (scroll down to find it)

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Rush - 2112

This album will be your best friend. The title track is about 20 minutes long and there are tempo changes, fast and slow, that just take you all over the place. Get it now.

I LOVE that album! ^_^

Tears is a fabulous song!

Also, look into Zao - Angel Without Wings. Very heavy verses, very gentle choruses. Lovely!


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try mudvayne.. like, nothing to gein, death blooms, anything pretty much from the LD 50 album, maybe look into the end of all things to come.. I think you'd really like them... they change tempo's more than anyband I know of, and they do it many times in one song, so I suggest strongly you check it out... especially nothing to gein.. they even change music type's in certain song.. like nothin to gein, starts out kinda mellow and easy, and then gets kinda heavy, then breaks out into a funk type bass beat, it's badass

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