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You need to reformat your iPod's hard drive. It will delete all the music from it but it will fix the problem. You have a couple options. One is to follow the method of resetting to factory settings and all that jazz (you will have to plug it into a wall jack, then take it out and reconnect to PC - Google how to do all this, I forget).

If this doesn't work, Google the following: "how to reformat ipod hard drive partition." There's another way to enable the iPod as a hard drive on your PC and basically reformat it using partition or whatever. I'm not an expert on this but my iPod completely broke last year and it worked like a charm. Every time I turned on my iPod to play a song it would freeze up and then start dropping through my songs like it was just skipping them all, scrolling from A - Z playing nothing. Then it just stopped working. But this fixed it.

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First reset your ipod (its hold menu and select on mine not sure about yours)

If that doesnt work got o sart>prodrams>ipod>ipod updater (the newest one) and reformat :)

Often that doesn't work, though.

Reformatting it manually through Device Manager always works. In fact, when my iPod broke, iTunes told me that there was no way to fix it and that I had to send it in for $100 to get it fixed. Then I Googled it and found out that other people had been told the same thing, but used Device Manger to reformat it and it worked fine.

Mine's been working great now for about seven months with no problems whatsoever. :)

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