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Axl in my heart!


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Its amazing..

Im 32 yrs old.. started listening to GnR when i was like 15.. and this summer i was in Stockholm screaming like i was 15.. hehe.

It all came back.. all the feelings i used to have, when i listen to the concert.

Actually it started really nice already outside in the beertent ;>

Walking there from the subway listening to the music hehe.

To be honest i stopped listening to GnR when i 'grew up' lol..

Didnt really see much about Axl and the rest..between like -96<->2006.

A bit stressed irl working family etc i didnt find much time to listen before the concert either.

Heading for Stockholm with my sister, and my birthdaypresent.. a ticket to see Axl play.

I think it was so unreal i didnt really know what it was we were gonna do..

Untill we walked from the subway at Globen.. when the music from the beertent hit me..

I was back.. 16 years younger.. i swear hehe its undescribable.

And what was really awsome, turned unreal when Axl was on the stage!

I actually still have hard to believe what i saw..

Right now im just sitting here in the swedish autum waiting for the snow, playing GnR at insane volume dreaming back to Stockholm.

It was unreal, it was like heaven.

I pray Axel comes back.. soon!

I think i could see them in consert once a month the rest of my life.

I checked the tour dates and it seems its only Canada and US left .. :S

Yeah it wasnt THE GnR but to me it was still awsome!

Everyone in the group was awsome.

Axl especially ofcourse.. with his special voice.

Damn.. i wish he keeps going!

P.S sorry for my lack in the language.

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