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Chinese Democracy - A Tribute To An Unheard Album

Almost Famous

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Damnit Jackamo!. I got a reply from 'em;

hmmm... you have intrigued me. The reason for the 14th deadline is that the tribute must be ready to go on the 20th, so unfortunately not. Still interested?


Whatcha wanna do?

let's do it! I'll work on the music.


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I know its late in the game and all, but, I just wrote some lyrics for The General(pretty crappy lyrics, but they work) and if someone wants to use them for this contest, feel free

The General

Nothing more that we can do

Gotta get away,

Somewhere where our fight is new,

We're not being led astray

The General will lead us to victory,

He'll take our men to the end of this war,

The General will lead us to victory,

What good were those other punks for?

Our other friend all left the troops,

They said they were here to stay,

now we've all suffered while they shoot,

Those bastards left and ran away

The General will teach those cowards,

Make them wish they'd stuck it out,

The General will lead us forwards,

And then those punk will whine and pout

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