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Limp Bizkit "defeated" Guns N' Roses in my country...

Cold Razor

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Hi, I was listening to a radio show in my country that made a competition to find the "best" 1990 -2006 artist. And on the first round they had GNR vs Limp Bizkit. Now, I just laughed so hard when I heard this and strated to think "this is gonna be a piece of cake for Guns fuck yeah". Then I went to vote on the radio's website and I was SURPRISED when I saw the post they had in there, here are a few and It's not a joke:

"Guns N' Roses dresses gay"

"Limp Bizkit is the band"

"GNR are dead and out of tent"

"LB are the best band ever"

And I just couldn't believe it. There were a few tru rockers in there voting for Guns but the kiddies that know 1% about music voted for Crap Bizkit. After all of this, I made the conclussion that the new generation is going the wrong way listening to this stupid Mainstream Rock. I think the music bussiness shouldn't complain about ilegal copies if they had been killing music even before. Now it's all about the image and they send the talent straigh to hell.

Now, does anybody here had a similar situation?

So, in other words:


If you agree with me here's a site were you can actually buy a T-shirt with those words on it:


Rock On

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That wasn't carefully disguised spam...was it??

It has to be. There is no chance in hell that Limp Bizkit would beat GNR. Even L B themselves would laugh at that.

But seriously, Limp Bizkit has been gone for ages now, they aren't mainstream, I think this bullshitter shot himself in the foot but making this up as an example. Otherwise I think there would have been a link to the site where this contest was going on.


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I wouldn't call Limp Bizkit really DEAD, just on break I guess, a very LONG break lol. I mean there was a time (no pun intended) where some would call GNR dead. I won't take either side because Limp BIzkit has been my favorite band since 1999, but because of their silence for so long I've taken up a more active interest in Guns N' Roses and they have become what I listen to most. I was even at the Worcester show. My point is this, I think that alot of fans (of both bands mind you) are lacking in mutual respect. Guns N Roses is legendary and Limp Bizkit had an awesome run, both of them put on incredible stage shows and personally I think seeing them tour together would be an awesome show. They both love pyros and both the frontmen have an insane amount of energy.

I actually kind of forgot my point, oh well, Limp Bizkit and GNR both rock rock3

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