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"Escape from this hell" - Orginal song

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Ok so I started writing some more heavy tunes in the past year or so and here's one of the results. Im playing all the instruments and singing the vocals as well programing all the drums.

I may in the future expand the members but for the moment its a solo project. So give me some feedback on this tune if you listen.

I've put it up on myspace because it seems to be the easiest way to do it, the song its availble for download if you want to keep a copy on your computer. If theres any drummers out there who are willing to possibly help out recording some drum parts gimme a shout too (Long shot I know).

Thanks for listening guys.

Poison Enemy Myspace

P.S: Im not Ed, he's just a mate who added himself to the page.

Recording Rig:


Sure 58A


Epiphone Les Paul Custom Plus

Marshall MG 30


Peavy Generation EXP III

Laney HCM 15W


Reason 2.5


M Audio Delta 44


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