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Gigs You've Seen


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I'm always interested to hear about who people have seen and what they were like. Especially older people who've lived through all those years of damn good music! ^_^

I've seen:

- B*Witched

-Spice Girls


-Corrosion of Conformity

-Gov't Mule

-Clutch x2

-Motorhead x2

-Iron Maiden


-Guns 'n' Roses

-Stiff Little Fingers

-Anti-Nowhere League

-Red Hot Chili Peppers


-Fc FiVE



-Girl School

-Crucified Barbara

-Kylie Minogue

-..And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead

-Funeral For A Friend


-Velvet Revolver

-Kamikazee Sperm

-Comeback Kid

-Download Fest.

And I've currantly got tickets ordered for Tenacious D and Norma Jean.

And for the GET HAPPY tour.

Ignore anyone who sounds crappy please.. :ph34r:


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I've seen:


Iron Maiden (5x)

Bruce Dickinson (3x)

Deep Purple (3x)

Black Sabbath

Velvet Revolver

Dream Theater

Black Label Society

Megadeth (2x)


Cradle Of filth

Nevermore (2x)

Rob Halford

Judas Priest




Iced Earth


Uriah Heep (2x)

Grip Inc

Blind Guardian

Iggy Pop


Violent Femmes

Stratovarius (3x)

...at least these tickets I've saved - I hope I'm not forgetting anything

and many Greek artists

Edit: Prodigy too

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hehe, arr i remember my nickleback phase...never got to see them though, ym friend did though when we were very young

i have seen:


the zutons

22 20s

pete doherty

the streets

shane mcgowan


the mitchel brothers

gogol bordello


bedouin soundclash

mots are non famous bands ive seen though

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Well ive not been to see to many bands live but ive been to see.............

Rammstein at manchester

Rammstein again at birmingham

prodigy at manchester

System of a down at manchester

RHCP at manchester

Download festival

Guns N' Roses at manchester

simple minds in manchester

and a few more that dont come to mind at the moment.............

I ordered at ticket to go and see Violent Femmes in London soon aswell

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RHCP at manchester

Guns N' Roses at manchester

I was at those! :o


Ye they where both amazing gigs. Theres quite often lots of good bands that play at M.E.N and its not that far from where i live either.

Yeah! ^_^ What I remember of The Chili's was amazing.. And GNR, what can I say? ^_^

Its right near me too so most big scale gigs I go to are there.. Or at the Academy.


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Alice Cooper x2

Iron Maiden x2

Velvet Revolver X2

The Eagles

Chuck Berry

Backyard Babies

Hell Is For Heroes



Rob Halford





Three Colours Red

Marilyn Manson


The Pogues

Drop Kick Murphys

Jerry Lee Lewis

The Orchestra (electric light orchestra)

Hurricane Party

Drowning Pool

System of a Down

Status Quo


Eric Clapton

The Moody Blues

Stan Webbs Chicken Shack

Oh and Stereophonics ... pfft.

There's more, I'm sure of it...

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The Who with Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation*


Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band*


Bob Dylan*


Bob Dylan with Merle Haggard & The Strangers and Amos Lee*

Sting with Phantom Planet

The Dave Matthews Band with The Jurrassic 5

Farm Aid XX (Featuring Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews, Arlo Guthrie, Widespread Panic, Buddy Guy with John Mayer, and more.....)*

Arlo Guthrie & Friends (Riding on the City of New Orleans Fundraising tour with Cyryl Neville and a bunch of unknown but wonderful artists)


The Rolling Stones with Antigone Rising

Arlo Guthrie

Queen + Paul Rodgers

Pearl Jam with My Morning Jacket

Bruce Springsteen & The Seeger Sessions Band

John Fogerty with Willie Nelson

Buddy Guy with The Robert Cray Band

Peter Paul & Mary

Eric Clapton with The Robert Cray Band

The Who with Moe.

Bob Dylan with The Kings of Leon***

Guns N Roses (November 27th)

The Who (they announced that they're coming back but no official date yet)

* denotes a real favorite (I can't pick pick favorites of the 2006 shows as they were all incredible, but Dylan 06 is far and away my favorite show I have ever been to)

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Ok... so famous bands I've seen:

Stratovarius x2




Doro (because Saxon cancelled their tour)

LA Guns


thats pretty good considering every fucking ticket costs between 70 - 100 $ <_< I have missed Dio, Maiden, Oasis... Robbie Williams, Black Eye Peas (XDD!!!) jaja

Anyway I did miss loads <_< capitalismo de mierda <_<

Grrr I'm gonna see Maiden anyway this summer :heart:

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Well that you'll have, or might've heard of:

Velvet Revolver

Biffy Clyro

The Rakes


Franz Ferdinand

Doug Doppler


Gilby Clarke

Guns N' Roses :wub:

Bullet For My Valentine

Funeral For a Friend (Worst band I've ever seen)

The Raconteurs

Be Your Own Pet

Kaiser Chiefs

Pigeon Detectives


Dirty Pretty Things

The Holloways

The Noisettes (x2)

Babyshambles :wub:




I think there's one or two I'm forgetting, but these are the ones that I have the tickets of at hand.

A few more unknown bands and local bands.

Oh and a few boyband ones when I was younger and didn't know any better. :xmasschef2:

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