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Since it is a slow time, and the question was brought up about GnR vs. the Crue. How about The Scorpions? We all know they went to shit after Love at First Sting, up until World Wide Live, they were HUGE! Love at First Sting was a huge album after another huge album , Blackout.

Kaluse Meine, actually has a voice that could sing a melody, even if it was German.

Mattias Jabs was incradibe, and could shred as well as BBF IMO.

Rudolf Schenker might be the best Rythem Guitarist ever. And Wrote alot of Music as well.

Buccholz looked like Duff???

Rarrbell, I dont know.

And their music did evolve and change over the years. Their earlier stuff was more dark, and they alyways put on a Great Show!

Just a though?

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In my opinion, the only two bands that can be compared to each other, and nobody else alone, are GNR and Aerosmith.

Both have unique styles... with foundations in blues rock. Both have very unique lead singers (Axl/Tyler). Both have (or had) very unique lead guys (Slash/Perry) with almost identical playing styles... the list goes on and on.

Aerosmith really rode the popularity wave for a long, long time too. Their sound and style set them apart from the Poison/Motley Crue/Def Leoppard and yes, Scorpions pack. They managed to re-invent themselves (something the old GNR couldn't do) to stay relevant over pretty much three decades... they were really the only hard rock band that was still at the top of the charts during the grunge era... still selling out arenas and yes, stadiums.

I'm afraid though that Aerosmith's time of reinvention and sadly, age, has caught up with them. They are having a hard time selling out arenas even with Motley Crue on the same bill... but they're still one hell of an act to witness.

GNR fell apart and didn't have the same success... but I think Axl is going off in a completely new direction than Aerosmith and might just pull off this version of GNR being 'reborn' with a different strategy than that of the success Aerosmith managed to maintain for so long.

6 more Tuesday's, and we'll see I guess.

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