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Setlist...My brief review


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1. Welcome to the Jungle

2. It's so Easy

3. Mr. Brownstone

4. Live and let die

5. Knockin' on Heaven's Door

6. Robin Finch Solo

7. Sweet Child O' Mine

8. You Could be Mine

9. Dizzy Reed Solo

10. The Blues

11. Better

12. Richard Fortus Solo/"Beautiful" Duet

13. Out ta get me

14. November Rain

15. I.R.S.

16. Bumblefoot Solo/"O' Canada" Solo/"Don't Cry" Solo

17. My Michelle W/ Sebastian Bach (Introduced by one of the Trailer Park Boys)

18. Used to Love her

19. Patience

20. Nightrain


21. Chinese Democracy

22. Paradise City

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Before I comment on GN'R, I must make a note of the opening bands/performances; they were terrible.

The first band was so horrid, that I stayed to watch for less than ten seconds.

Then the stupid, useless performance of the suicide girls. It was like watching a cheap strip-show, except with thousands of nascar-watching, mullet-bearing, unemployed GN'R fans passionately whistling.

Then Bach came on. I just flat out do not care for his music. As a performer, he was adequate. His music is uninspired, shallow and redundant.

So after the opening acts, I was already cursing Axl.

However, they were on time and put on a solid performance. Little interaction (which is a plus for me) and Robin was played very well. I remember listening to bootlegs and cringing at his solos. He held his own tonight.

Axl was solid, as well. In fact, the rest of the band was sharp the entire night.

Chinese Democracy live was outstanding. Dizzy Reed's solo was fantastic. I really enjoyed Nightrain, You Could be Mine, Paradise City and November rain.

Bumblefoot must have ignored my emails, as I pleaded with him to drop "Out ta get me" from the setlist.

The rest of the songs were just as good as any night, which may be the biggest con of the show. I felt like I had heard this show for the last five years. Nothing really notable.

Maybe the most notable part of the concert is that there were no technical difficulties; bootlegs of this show should be top-notch.

After the show, I spent 20 minutes in the cold november rain looking for a cab. I laughed to myself.

And that was the concert.

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Then the stupid, useless performance of the suicide girls. It was like watching a cheap strip-show, except with thousands of nascar-watching, mullet-bearing, unemployed GN'R fans passionately whistling.

That is the best description of the SG's act that I've ever read, and will ever read. Fantastic! I mean, really, whoever gets a kick out of that shit must have a pretty lousey life.

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Don't mean to hijack the thread, but I'll post my thoughts here since it's a review thread. I first posted this in the update thread on the main page. We differ a bit on Bach, I was amazed at his singing. Really incredible. You're sort of right with the con thing. It's gets a little harder to really get pumped for the band knowing it'll be more or less the same show they've been putting on for a long time. Anyways, here's my post:

On to the show. This band is very consistent and true to form it was another good show. I think Robin had a good night. Sure, he plays certain old solos in a way many of us don't like, but I'm used to it by now. It's not going to change. Anyways, his solo before SCOM was really, really good. BBF was awesome as usual. His version of Don't Cry is tops.

Funny thing - that they brought the Trailer Park Boys on stage. The first time it was during Bach's set, he brought them all out and Bubbles sang a song. Then Bubbles came out with Bach before My Michelle. He was all excited to see Axl and Axl started jumping up and down, in a mocking but good natured sort of way. Pretty funny.

During The Blues, at the end of the song (before the whoooaaaa, whoooaaaa part), Axl got up on the piano and walked to the edge of it and pretended he was going to do a back flip off of it. I thought that was pretty funny too. Axl seemed in good spirits. The sound was really good all night long, save for the end when I think his volume in the mix started to drop. It got harder to hear him. Either it was a sound problem, his voice was going (and I doubt it was this because he kept on going like there was no problem), or maybe it was my ears (which are still ringing).

The crowd was pretty good, not really too rowdy. Up in my area they stood for almost all the old songs. Whenever a new song came on though they would all sit down and be silent. Many would leave for the exits (don't get me wrong, it wasn't a mass exodus - but if people were leaving it was during the new songs). Only 1% of fans at each show know the new stuff, if that. The solos got pretty much the same response, except for Thal who won over the crowd with O Canada and Don't Cry. Having said that, the crowd followed both the new tunes and the solos with a nice round of applause.

In short, another great show. Not as intense as Hammerstein back on the 14th, but that was obviously totally different circumstances. If I had to rate it I'd give it an 8/10. Include Bach opening and it's like a 9. Holy shit, can that guy belt out the songs. This guy is more phenomenal than I ever would have believed, and on top of his amazing vocals he puts on a real intense show. He played his big hits, the ones I know at least. 18 and Life, I Remember You, and Youth Gone Wild. Another one called Monkey Business I think. A bunch of other new stuff as well. I think By Your Side is one of them, a pretty nice ballad. In short, the guy can scream, and scream, and scream some more. I think he could've gone all night if they'd let him, and not miss a beat.

Anyways, that's it for me. Good fuckin' night!!!

Edited by KBear
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I'll add my 2 cents in this thread also.

I arrived during Bach's set so I don't know about the other band or the suicide girls, I was on the floor and didn't fell like standing for 6 or more hours to see them.

So like I said, I showed up during Bach's set, and let me tell you, that motherfucker sure can scream!

I'm familiar with his Skid Row material, so I enjoyed his performance, it seemed like the crowd did too.

Bach is from the Toronto area, so it was a homecoming show for him, and he gave us a hell of a show!

The T.P.B.'s were cool too, those guys are like fucking icons in Canada now!

As for Axl and the boys... fucking excellent!!!

The sound was flawless, I read other people's comments about sound problems happening at other shows, but not at this one, the sound is always great at the ACC.

The performance were fantastic. Especially Axl. He was in a great mood and ready to rock!

I was right in the center of the floor with a great view of the all the action!!!

I have to agree with the other poster whom mentioned C.D. being the standout among the new material, it sounded fucking incredible live!!!

Yes, I was among the "1%" who knew the new material, and the crowd was a little more mellow for the new shit.

Hopefully they will release this fucking record already, so everyone else can get down to the new shit also!

Overall, I would say that the new material went down rather well though.

I did hear some groans in the crowd over the fact that almost every member of the band has their own solo, but they were alright, and not that long really.

Overall, it was a great experience. Make sure you don't miss this show when it comes to your town!!!

Rock on fellow gunners!!!

rock1 rock2 rock3

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Guest Yanni_16

Excellent show. It looked pretty much full when the opening chords of Jungle came on. The only problem is, what people have been saying about the new songs is dead on. The crowd would be going full force during the old stuff, then when a new song came on, everybody went silent. In typical Axl fashion, he made a smartass comment before Ron did his solo. "Don't play too loud, these people on the side here are trying to take a nap." KBear, I totally agree about the mix, I found as the show progressed, the sound wasn't as apparent. All in all though, awesome show, I would definately go see them again.

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Last nights show was amazing

the first band was...well they wern't on long

Suicide Girls.....*Yawn*

Baz With the Trailer Park Boys was good the crowd was diggin his set

Guns N Roses...The crowd was into it and his voice was great the whole night.

Last nights show was my first GNR show and it was a blast.

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I also agree with Matt. Sebastian Bach was great. When I was a kid listening to Skid Row tapes, I never imagined that one day I'd get to see him perform those hits live. When he performed 18 & Life, Youth Gone Wild, and I Remember You, it was like 1989 again. He pulled them off perfectly, and his black leather getup (complete with lightning bolt crotch) was a completely anachronism but totally cool in that "I don't care that I look ridiculous" way. He seemed like a really good-natured and humble guy. Excellent frontman.

By the way, did anyone know the song that Bubbles was singing? Bach kept urging us to sing the song but I don't think anyone around me knew what the song was, so we just stood there, looking back at him apologetically.

Regarding the "thousands of nascar-watching, mullet-bearing, unemployed GN'R fans," I don't know about the people in the seats, but I'd say 95% of the people on the floor were pretty young, and a good chunk of them were under 20. The demographic seemed a lot younger than what I saw at the 2002 show. My guess is that music piracy has really introduced GNR to a new generation of fans, who are more likely to accept this new line-up than the original generation of fans.

The first band was awful and I, like most people, went to the beer area after 10 seconds. While we were there, my buddy thought he heard them covering Nightrain. If so, that is a totally ridiculous thing to do.

Axl was great all night, and I agree, it seemed like his volume was drowned out a bit near the end, but it didn't seem like it was because he was struggling. It seemed like he had a bad cold because he was blowing his nose between songs all night, but I wouldn't have known from his voice.

I was standing beside a dude who called his friend sitting in the stands when Dizzy sat down at the piano. He was yelling into the phone, "YEAH! NOVEMBER RAIN IS COMING! YOU KNOW IT! 100 BUCKS SAYS NOVEMBER RAIN!" I was pretty tempted to try to offer him that bet.

It also felt to me that it was a similar show to the 2002 tour. Must say, it was a bit more polished, and the band jelled better. 2002 sounded tight (in toronto, anyway) but it was a little bit awkward. The look, anyway, as others have pointed out, was like the Oddities. The vibe was pretty good last night.

But it really blew that everything was pushed so late (Guns didnt go on until 11:45 or so) which meant we were done at 2am, and the TTC shut down around 1:30am. So we were all stuck in the rain, trying to catch a cab or the crappy night bus which was packt like sardines in a crushed tin box.

I don't really listen to bootlegs, so I didn't really understand the gripes about Robin until last night, when I heard his versions of Slash's solos. And I can understand why people appreciate Fortus's solo work. But I like Robin, and I like his vibe, so I'm fine with him in the band, but maybe they should just give him the easier solos to work with.

The floor crowd was pretty good. Really considerate for the most part, except for one or two drunken douchebags that were pissing people off before Guns went on. There were a few people who recognized the new songs, but from where I was, it was pretty sullen for The Blues. I was really surprised, however, during Patience, when Axl sang the line, "cause I'd rather be alone.." and a bunch of people behind me yelled out, "BULLSHIT!" -- I'm not sure how often he used that. I just remember it from the UYI tour DVD (well, it's on VHS for me).

The only moment it got dangerous in the crowd was at the very very end, as Frank threw his drumsticks in the crowd right in front of me. At the very moment that everyone lunged upward to catch one, ALL the stadium lights went black and as everyone landed in the dark, half the people hit the floor.

Great show, but with the 2am finish, I was left (like everyone else) without a subway to take home. The bus took over an hour. But I'm still luckier than the guy I met before SG went on. He was from Barrie, and had to catch the 12:30am bus, the last one back to Barrie. He had to walk 30 min to the bus station to catch that bus, since he couldnt afford a taxi to take him there. He works the next morning at 6am, and it's his FIRST DAY ON THE JOB so he can't call in sick. Which means he had to leave before 1 am, which was just around the time that Axl hit the stage.

Poor guy.

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Man, did those of you complaining about Suicide Girls sit through Mix Master Mike last time? Cuz I know which I prefer! And it has nothing to do with not having a life. I duno who complained about their shitty music either, it's just a tape, and they did play Zepplin.

GNR... hrm, I've seen this band three times. This show was average. I blame part of that on the polite Toronto crowd. The floor was ok, I would have preferred more action.

Better got a GREAT reception on the floor. People cheered the start of it, so I guess a few know it. It went over very well.

Most people stuck it out till the end, cept for some in the 300s and I guess the old farts with kids.

There were at least one or two people in their 50s in the pit, who got out halfway through... dunno what they were thinking even going there. I didn't see kids with em.

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