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My Mini Review


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PICTURES: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LCILGXPZ

Ok, so i finally have some time to give alittle review from last night's concert

First, i gotta say sorry for not showing up to the Pre-show party. I was really interested in meeting some of you guys, but my cousin lives in TO, so we just decided to pre drink at her appartment then head to the show.

ok, on to the show

We got to the arena at about 7:45pm, and got to our seats just in time to see Die Mannequin. They weren't what i expected, but thats a good thing! From the way they dressed, i was expecting an Emo band, but they really werent that bad. They had a good vibe on stage, and i thought it was really cool of the chick to go into the crowd while she was doing a solo...not bad, not bad at all

The Suicide Girls are a different story. They were cool for about 5 minutes, then it just got completely pathetic....and thats comming from a 19 year old heterosexual guy. Id rather just go to a strip club. They played one good song, Immigrant Song, and that was the hightlight of their act for me. We actually left about halway through their act to go buy a t-shirt and some beers...effin' $6.50 for a small beer!

Next was Sebastian Bach, and i thought he was awesome! I really regret not downloading any of his song so i could atleast know what songs he was playing, but i still enjoyed listening to him, he's crazy up there! I also couldnt believe that the Trailer Park Boys showed up! I love that show! I don't know the name of the song Bubbles sang, but that was very cool.

Finally, the whole reason i went to this show....Guns N' Roses! And honestly, i cant find the words to explain how amazing they were. Axl was in a real good mood, and the band sounded great! There's really no reason for me the say anymore, i'd pretty much just be saying the same thing that was said in the other reviews on this board...but none the less, great fucking show!

It also looked like i saw Beta stomping her feet, and clapping her hands off to the side of the stage during Better, aahahaha

My highlights from the show:

-the way Robin snuck out to the front of the stage when he was playing the opening riffs to jungle...i dont knwo why, but i found that pretty sweet

-Axl's stage presence

-all the new songs sounded great, better is a great live song!

-Ron playing O' Canada and how most of the crowd stood up like he was playing it at the start of a Leafs game

-Trailer Park Boys showing up, and Axl bringing out Bubbles to introduce Baz

-November Rain, Nightrain, Paradise City

My dissapointments from the show:

-the crazy idiot my cousin had to sit beside, thank god his friend switched seats with him

-the lack of Axl Rants

-No Rocket Queen or Madagascar

-Patience didnt sound too hot

-the fact that it seemed like i was the only one in section that knew any of the newer songs. they all gave me weird looks when i was singing the words to Better, IRS, and The Blues

- also, i kinda found the crowd..."flat" compared to the 2002 show..i mean, it was still a great crowd, but during some of the songs, it was somewhat quiet, and i didnt hear many people, atleast around my area, singing Don't Cry

Anyways, it was a great show, and next time they're in Toronto, ill definately be going again!

I also found it was quite fitting that it was raining after the show...you know....it's november? <_<

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I agree with what u said about the new songs...i was standing up, rocking out and air guitaring to better, the blues and chinese democracy but most of the ppl around me were just sorta nodding along...all in all the show was near perfect although i would have rather seen them play don't cry instead of bumblefoot soloing to it but i can't complain...can't wait for them to come back to T.O. again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. the bubbles song is called Liquor And Whores.

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i know what you mean! i was in section 107 and i was probably one of 5 people that were (either) standing up for the whole show, or singing along with the new songs... kinda made me sad. but whatever WE had a good time and thats all that matters :)

duuuuuude! i was in section 107! :rofl-lol:

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