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Genesis Reunion

The Third Man

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I saw the very first concert with Phil Collins on lead vocals...the first show!

(London Ontario 1975)

We had no idea Gabriel was out of the band...the show started with an extended jam and two drummers.

We're waiting in full anticipation of Gabriel walking out in some bizarre costume...suddenly,the drummer puts down his drumsticks and walks down front from his drum kit...gets behind the mic stand and starts singing....and he STAYS there and keeps singing.

My friend looked at me and said "who's the midget?".

anyhoo...saw the Invisible Touch tour and liked it...I thought the We Can Dance tour was rather boring...so,I guess I'll decide if I'm going when it gets closer to the time.If it looks too wanky,I won't bother.

(when I first heard about this reunion a few weeks ago,the headline of the news story was misleading...implying it was with Gabriel...REAL disappointing to find out it wasn't).

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