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Billboard with some info, from a guy at CD.com...

brock landers

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From CD.com

I go to college for Business Management/Music Business. This morning a guy came into my music business class to talk to us about Billboard Magazine. How the company and the charts run. Anyway after the class I walked up to him to introduce my self. I asked him if Billboard knows album release dates and he said that they get information weeks before. So I asked him if he new anything about a new Guns N' Roses album coming out soon. He answered right away and said that Billboard just got brand new information by the record company that they are shooting to release the record the day after Christmas. I told him that it was said to be coming out next tuesday and he says they keep changing the date, but that Billboard was told the day after Christmas. So take this info for what its worth. He did say the date may change yet again and that you never know with Axl. Thought you guys would like to know this. What do you think? Again take it for what its worth. This is not official but this is what I was told

Dec 26th, the day after christmas IS a Tuesday...also the LAST Tuesday of 2006!

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If this is true(I don't know what to believe anymore), it would be completely stupid on Axl's part. If he released it a few weeks before Christmas, what a perfect present, huh? But when has Axl ever been smart on anything besides his idea to become a lead singer and write some lyrics...

I hope you're right man...to some degree, because I hope the 9000000 other people with stories like this that say the album will be out sooner are right...but whatever.

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